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  • Video: Increase eResource Usage and Staff Confidence with the Same Tool

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    Join Jared and Jeromy from Niche Academy as they show you the number one thing you can do to increase utilization of your eResources (and you can do it in

  • Diversity in Children's Literature

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    Join us for a conversation with award-winning children's book illustrator R. Gregory Christie about the importance of diversity in children's literature. We'll talk with him about his work, his inspiration, and his recent projects.

  • Reading Nooks that Encourage Writing Too

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    Children become stronger readers by being more aware of and inspired by amazing, interesting stories. Typically, adults share their love for stories through reading picture books to their young readers. Did you know that reading skills enhance writing skills, and writing skills enhance reading skills? It’s true. So, why not provide opportunities for young learners to experiment with both? We will explore reading and writing tools that are advantageous to young children’s literacy and language development as well as fun, interesting, and exciting for our budding authors!

  • Creating Standards for Consistently Excellent Customer Service

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    Deciding to offer great library customer service is not enough. Create concrete goals based on the responses of the customers themselves: Do they say good things about you? Come back? If so, is it because of how they were treated, the expertise of your staff, the quality of your products and services, or something more? Standards help you identify and repeat successes, and ensure a consistently good experience, regardless of who is staffing the service desks or phones.

  • Culturally Responsive Children's Books

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    Ever wonder if you’re choosing the “right” book for each reader? Do your choices reflect your young readers’ cultures, languages, interests, families, and communities? This session will grapple with the choices available to librarians and their young patrons and what voices may be needed.