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  • Basics of Social Media for Library Personnel

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    Do you think social media is a waste of effort for your career or workplace? Do you have limited time and want to choose where to put your attention and energy? Did you try to connect, but drop out? Does it feel like everyone else in the world knows what and how, except for you? Do you want a simple way to introduce other people to online interactions? And, how to make social media a more effective tool for promoting your library?

  • GLASS Toolkit for Public Libraries

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    This playlist focuses on materials and services provided by GLASS to public libraries in Georgia. This includes a summation of the PINES/GLASS partnership, as well as how-to-videos on accessibility tools provided to Georgia public libraries by GLASS.

    Videos are instructional tools and should not be seen as endorsements.

  • Library Outreach to Underserved Communities

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    In this video, Pat Wagner of Siera Learning shares tips for developing an engaging, inclusive outreach program that brings library services to people of all ages and abilities.

  • Culturally Responsive Children's Books

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    Ever wonder if you’re choosing the “right” book for each reader? Do your choices reflect your young readers’ cultures, languages, interests, families, and communities? This session will grapple with the choices available to librarians and their young patrons and what voices may be needed.

  • Adult Education Principles

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    Webinar Archive. 1 Hour.

    A captive audience for your classes in and for your library does not guarantee success. Engaging participants with adult education principles fosters better acceptance, retention, and application of ideas and methods. Learn the benefits of letting participants contribute to the content before and during the formal class. Even participants who know nothing about the topic still have workplace experiences that can shape a shared understanding for the information.