WordPress Support for Libraries

WordPress Q & A Sessions

WordPress Migration Questions and Answers

General Questions

What is the WordPress Migration Project?
Who can I contact for help?
Where can I learn more about WordPress?
Will this affect my library’s email service?
Will I have a new domain name/ web address?
Can I keep my Wix, Weebly, Drupal, Joomla or other non-WordPress site?


Should I back up my files?
Will GPLS build my site for me?

During the Migration

How long will the process take?
What do I need to do during the process?
Will I lose any function of my website during the move?
Is there any data that will not be switched or moved to the new site?

After the Migration

Will GPLS write my content, update pages, provide images, etc. for my site?
Will my content still be in place?
Will links to other websites still work?
Will patrons be able to access the datatbases and other resources on my website?
I switched to WordPress, but I don’t like it. Can I switch to another platform?
Do I have to sign-up/renew my hosting agreement with GPLS every year?

Project Checklist


  • Complete the Website Hosting application
  • Submit GPLS Help Desk ticket if you are switching from a non-WordPress site
  • Watch YouTube WordPress tutorials
  • Sign-up for the WordPress Webmasters listserv
  • Back-up content
  • Attend online Q&A sessions (October 18th and 26th)
  • Make a sitemap that lists all of the pages on your website
  • Notify your patrons that the website will be changing

After the Migration and Ongoing

  • Check all internal and external links
  • Check content (text and images)
  • Check embedded applications (videos, social media feeds, etc)
  • Attend online Q&A sessions (October 18th and 26th)
  • Watch YouTube WordPress tutorials
  • Submit a GPLS Help Desk ticket if you have any problems